Out with the old and in with the new
8 food trends that will have you roaring throughout the 20s

New year, new trends: Now that January is in full flow, our team take some time to consider food-trends that will be taking the UK by storm in 2020.

1. P(ea)lease!

Pea protein is one of the hottest ingredients right now. Ranked as the fastest-growing protein on the market, yellow split peas offer the same nutrition and texture as soya but without the taste. Amongst others, popular meat-free brands such as Meatless Farm Co. and Beyond Burger are using pea protein in their products.

2. Cauliflower, cauliflower and more… cauliflower

Whilst using cauliflower as a healthier substitute for carb-heavy ingredients isn’t new for 2020, it is definitely expected to not only stay but also completely transform the health-food market. With the superfood already taking on forms such as pizza, tortilla wraps and mashed potatoes, the possibilities of cauliflower’s use seem to never end. According to Grubhub’s report ‘Year in Food,’ cauliflower pizza rose in popularity by 650% during 2019 alone. 

3. Plant food perseveres

More-so a lifestyle choice rather than a trend, plant-based alternatives continue to enter the mainstream market. Vegan meals are currently the UK’s fastest-growing take-away choice, with a growth of 388% from 2016-18. Caterers have taken notice and now nearly every food group that you can think of has had a makeover (or is in the process)! From plant-based eggs to alternative jerky, it is now easier than ever before to switch to a plant-based diet. 

4. Blended meat

The meat versus fake meat debate may have finally reached a middle ground with the introduction of “blended meat.” These products contain both meat and meatless ingredients meaning meat lovers can continue to enjoy their meat but with a healthy dose of vegetables in there too. With retail giant Amazon now making blended burgers available online, will 2020 be the year that supermarkets begin to stock blended burgers across their stores?

5. Back to black

Black garlic is produced by ageing and fermenting garlic bulbs for several weeks in a controlled environment until they turn black. The result is a sweet and soft clove that tastes nothing like the traditionally used flavours in garlic. Originating from Korea, black garlic was first introduced to the UK market eight years ago, however, has recently gained higher traction due to its use in vegan dishes.

6. CBD… everything

It’s official – CBD is here to stay. A non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants, CBD has soared in popularity since entering the UK market last year. Restaurants, bars and shops have already started experimenting with the product; cocktails, ice-cream and sweets infused with CBD are amongst some of the many products to begin to pop up across the country.

7. Healthy lifestyles, healthy planet

Whilst it is no secret that veganism is on the rise, 2020 will also be the year that more consumers adapt their lifestyle to flexitarianism. Seen increasingly as the “lifestyle choice of the future,” flexitarians are taking on a mainly plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat. By considering meat as a treat rather than a necessity, flexitarians are making waves towards creating a healthy and sustainable planet.

8. Footprint packaging

Quorn has begun 2020 by announcing plans to add the carbon footprint of their products to their on-pack labelling. By launching this campaign Quorn hopes to “focus on how food choices impact climate change” and encourage other brands to start doing the same. With conscious consumerism being more popular than ever, will other major brands follow suit in 2020?