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Waste Not Want Not

Offering caterers a cost-effective onsite solution for the eco disposal of food and packaging waste

Could it be time to sidestep commercial waste collection services and close the loop onsite?

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Working from Home

How one Isle of Man-based coffee shop found zero waste meant taking matters into their own hands

When family team Sian Penton and Ed Alderson, bought Coffee Exchange in May 2018, they sought to develop the enterprise’s environmental offering in a bid to move the business towards zero waste. But with no infrastructure on the island for industrially composting waste, the couple decided to take matters into their own hands...

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Candy Crush

CQUIN: Final Deadline Arrives

Back in October 2015, NHS England launched CQUIN - three rounds of targets to reduce the volumes of high fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) items on offer in healthcare environments by April 2019. With the final deadline now upon us, we take a look at what food and drink providers can still do to meet the targets.

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Finger on the Pulses

The Latest Food Trends in 7 Easy Bites

Spring is coming and what better time to spruce up your grab and go offering, refresh those menus and say hello to some of this year’s hottest food trends…

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Colour Me Delicious

Why finding the right colours for a new grab and go packaging range is anything but black and white

We've launched a box-fresh new collection for 2019, the plastic-free Botanical Plus range. In this post we discuss the evolution of the range over a two year period and why finding the right colours for a new collection is never black and white. (As featured in the February issue of Sandwich and Food to Go News).

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The Art of Christmas

How to develop a new festive eco packaging range

Back in September we launched a compostable new seasonal collection – Festive Favourites - ready for Christmas. Festive Favourites was several Christmas’s in the making but by the second week in November, the cups and deli paper had sold out. Here we discusses the importance of finding the right look in the competitive Christmas market, and how we took our latest collection from concept to out of stock till 2019...

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Los Hermanos

Spanish Street Food Sensations

Keeping it in the family, Los Hermanos is the brainchild of Michelin-star chef, Danny - who oversees all things cuisine - and his brother Nathan, who manages operations outside of the kitchen. But is it challenging working with your sibling? We find out...

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Dog Days

Hot dog food trends to win best in show

The hot dog: soft bun, sizzling frankfurter and caramelised onions all smothered in sauce, it’s a simple dish but one fit for kings and truly, what could be more iconic of American food to go? But how can you update the classic hot dog to ensure market appeal and reach new audiences? Here's how to make hot dog even hotter...

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Why It’s the Last (Plastic Drinking) Straw

Eco alternatives to single-use plastic

Single-use plastic straws really do suck. These plastic drinking straws end up in the world’s oceans causing havoc to marine wildlife, the biodiversity of our seas and human health through the food chain. To show the scale of the problem, it is estimated that 8.5 billion straws are thrown away in the UK each year. In April, to combat the effects of throwaway plastics on our rivers and oceans, the UK Government announced a consultation on the ban of single-use plastic drinking straws.

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The Feel Good Bakery

One small sandwich for man, one giant sandwich for mankind

The Feel Good Bakery is aptly named. Trading since June 2014, the social enterprise sells its range of fresh made sandwiches from a number of key sites across South London, but it’s ‘feel good’ philosophy is being felt much further afield...

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