Concerned About Allergen Labelling?
We've enhanced our ground breaking labelling app

Our award winning labelling software - LabelLogic Live - just got even better making it easier still for providers to create and print labels, ticketing and other display items for their own food and drink products. If you're not familiar with LabelLogic Live it works on any web connected device - phone, computer, tablet, laptop, even a smart TV - and overprints labels using a standard desktop printer. It calculates and adds nutritional data - should you want to include it - as well as highlighting allergens in bold at the touch of a button, supporting a fully legislatively compliant labelling offering. 

Planglow’s support manager, Richard Newman, commented, “Labelling has never been under so much scrutiny and many food and drink providers are now feeling a renewed pressure to label their products more comprehensively whether they are legally required to or not. However, the prospect of creating fully legislatively compliant labelling and ticketing can feel overwhelming – especially if you’ve a lot of products to label, whether this is across multiple sites or operating a business alone – this is precisely where LabelLogic Live can help”.

The latest updates include: 

  • Import feature – making it possible to transfer data (such as recipes or ingredients)
  • Template Designer - enhanced layout and design capabilities such as ‘undo’ function, resizing and nudging fields (title, price, images etc.), stretching images to fit a space, the ability to drag fields between a main label and associated sticker plus a new function that allows the user to flip labels between landscape, portrait or any angle in between
  • EAN-128 barcodes / code -128’s are now supported

You can watch a short animation here which also summarises the updates.  

Originally launched in 2016, LabelLogic Live was - and still is - the only fully web-based labelling application on the market. This makes the software accessible anytime, anywhere so that food and drink providers can create and print labels as and when best suits them. What’s more, updates – such as those launched this summer along with any future legislative changes – take place instantly: no action is required by the user and there’s no waiting around for a third party to install. 

“Developed to meet the ever-changing needs of modern foodservice operators, LabelLogic Live provides a quick and easy means for creating labelling and display items and because the app is accessed online, we are able to continue to develop the software in line with the catering industry,” said Richard Newman. 

What else can LabelLogic Live do?

We've another short animation here which talks you through the software. Alternatively, please see below

  • Designed with both independent AND contract caterers in mind – users can create bespoke labels from stock designs with simple-to-use design functions that allow them (and not a technical support advisor) to add logos and images, change fonts, layouts and more. While multi-site operators can introduce password protected designs and data to ensure consistent, head office approved labelling across all sites. What’s more, there is a choice of ready-made templates available for each of Planglow’s stock designs - including standard, allergen, barcode and Reference Intake templates. Users can also create their own templates to further enhance a bespoke feel.
  • Nutritional labelling made easy - incorporates a full nutritional recipe builder, enabling users to display nutritional tables and Reference Intakes with ease. This includes the most up to date database from McCance and Widdowsons – The Composition of Foods: Seventh Summary Edition – which contains nearly 3,000 of the most commonly consumed food in the UK and was launched in October 2015.
  • Amazon secure hosting - Hosted on Amazon's leading cloud infrastructure, this ensures user’s data is secure and always accessible. In fact Amazon exercises the highest level of security at its sites which are also kept under armed guard!
  • Superior support – LabelLogic Live comes with the full backing of Planglow’s experienced support team – this is available online via instant messaging, as well as on the phone. What’s more, as a Planglow customer, users will also be assigned a regional account manager who can visit their site should they require additional support.

LabelLogic Live is offered on a subscription basis – simply visit or call 0117 317 8600 for more information.