Labelling & Missing Ingredients
BSA Issues Statement for its Members

In light of current supply chain difficulties, the British Sandwich Association (BSA) has issued the following statement to be used by its members regarding short-term amendments to recipes as a result of missing ingredients:

“Due to supply chain issues, some ingredients may not be as stated on the product labels due to shortages. In some cases, substitute ingredients may be used, or an ingredient omitted altogether which may cause the calorie labelling to be incorrect. Unfortunately, it is not possible to produce new labels in the timescale needed but please be assured, we are doing everything we can to source the correct ingredients. We hope this does not cause you too much inconvenience. Please ensure that you ask a member of staff if you suffer from a food allergy to ensure that any substituted ingredient is not one that causes an allergic reaction.”

The BSA asks members to display the statement prominently so that customers are made aware of any potential changes to food and drink offerings.