Eco Friendly Packaging Lifecycle

Are you looking for plastic-free packaging that doesn't cost the earth? All our compostable food packaging is made from plants and sustainably sourced. We never use damaging oil-based plastics, but rather choose industrial or home compostable certified materials. 

Unlike many of our competitors, the majority of our products are home as well as industrially compostable, this means that they can be recycled in a home composter or industrially composted (where facilitated) along with food waste. 

We have also partnered with bio processing experts to offer our clients a closed loop solution for disposing of food and packaging waste onsite. 

Once our packaging has broken down and returned to the earth, the whole Planglow packaging life cycle starts again. It's easy to make the switch from plastic and polystyrene food packaging to packaging made from plants. Watch our product lifecycle and you'll see that it really does makes good sense to choose earth-kind packaging.

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