Right First Time

We are proud to offer quality products that are well-designed, cost effective and 'right first time'. This means that we are committed to full customer satisfaction with each and every item. Last year we delivered 159,586 units of stock to customers all around the world and 96% of these products were 'right first time'.

We utilise a number of quality checks throughout the manufacturing, processing and delivery of stock. However, when dealing with such large volumes of products (each single unit can contain up to 1,000 individual items) occasionally some products are deemed unsuitable for the purpose in which they were intended. In the rare instance that a less than satisfactory item or items are delivered, we seek to replace these products within 24 hours.

Last year we received one complaint for every 1773 units sold and we are committed to reducing the small number of unsatisfactory items to even less.

We are constantly seeking new ways to further improve every aspect of our business and we welcome your feedback in all areas.

Please contact us if you have any comments or queries relating to quality.