Allergen Labelling

Our food labelling software, LabelLogic Live, creates and prints over one million labels a month, three-quarters of these include allergens - that’s more than 9 million allergen labels per year or one allergen label every 4 seconds. 

With new food labelling legislation, Natasha’s Law, set to come into full effect by the summer of 2021, we anticipate the number of food and drink products in the UK carrying allergen labelling to further increase. 

If the prospect of creating and printing allergen labelling for even a portion of your food and drink products sound like one mighty tall order, then rest assured we’ve several ways in which we can help:  

LabelLogic Live - our online labelling software is quick and easy to use and can be used to print a wide variety of sheet and roll labels, ticketing and more. LabelLogic Live enables users to print basic stickers such as price stickers right through to full ingredients labelling including reference intakes, QUIDS and of course allergens.

AutoAllergen - your allergen list template

The average LabelLogic Live user can input full ingredients for 30 products in one - two hours. And once those products are in, you’re good to go because LabelLogic Live includes our clever ‘AutoAllergen’ function which highlights allergens at the touch of a button. This function is your handy allergen list template which clearly lists allergen on a simpler label design as well as bolding any allergens in your ingredients, should you be including on pack. (see our gif below)

What are the 14 allergens? Cereals containing gluten, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Soy beans, Milk, Nuts, Celery, Sesame seeds, Sulphur Dioxide, Sulphites, Lupin and Molluscs.

Don’t want to input your ingredients, allergen or other product data? 

LabelLogic Live can import ingredients and other product information from an Excel spreadsheet and other software, we can even link to your existing product management software - see our case study about how Elior delivers legislatively compliant labels across multiple sites, or contact us for further information

Still not sounding very appealing? If you want professional-looking labels but don’t have the time or equipment to print them, we offer a special labelling service called LabelLogic Direct whereby we set up and print your labels for you. Once again, please contact us if you would like further information. 

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