• How Do I Get Started?

    Setting up your account, logging in, repeat orders and information for existing customers.

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    Setting up your account

    If you are not an existing customer and wish to place an order you will be asked to provide some basic contact information to set up your account when you wish to checkout, we will then contact you to take your first payment. We'll treat your details with the utmost respect for privacy and security, you can read more about this in our privacy statement.

    Existing customers

    If you are an existing customer, simply login using your email address (username) and password to place your order. If you are unsure of your password please use the forgot password link on the account login page and you will receive an e-mail immediately enabling you to reset your password. 

    Placing repeat orders - Top Tip

    You can access your previous order history by going to "My account" and viewing the "Order history" section. You can also reorder any item from here.

    Logging in

    Just click on the Log-in link and enter your email address (username) and password. You will then be taken to "My account". If you've forgotten your password please use the forgot password link on the account login page and you will receive an e-mail immediately enabling you to reset your password. 

  • Placing an Order

    Browse through our online shop - there are lots of colourful label and packaging designs for you to choose from.

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    Once you have clicked through to the "Add to Basket" page you can view and order size and colour variations. You can also change the quantity required in the quantity field. When you've chosen everything you would like, you can then click on the 'check out' button. This will take you to a screen where you can view your orders so far and amend them.

  • Online Payment Details

    Find out how our payment process works.

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    If you have a credit account with us you will be able to order online using this facility. When you place an order, your credit balance will automatically be updated (please allow up to an hour for this to refresh). If there are insufficient funds to complete the transaction then you will be asked to do so by credit card. If you wish to pay by credit card you will be redirected to a highly secure payment service provider. We do not keep hold of any of your card details.

    We accept all major credit and debit cards including Switch, Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Delta. We cannot accept payment by Diner's Club or American Express. We also do not accept payment by cash or cheques for online transactions. On the day that we dispatch your goods you will receive an invoice. Please note that if your card has been refused then your order will not be processed and you will need to try another card or contact us.

    Please do not email us credit card details - email is insecure by nature.

    Once you have completed the order process you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement from us, confirming the products and quantities ordered as well as the delivery address.

  • Managing My Account

    This section enables you to view your order history, place repeat orders and update your contact details and company information.

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    Changing your delivery address
    Once logged in, go to "My account" and then "My details" where you'll see your current billing and delivery addresses and any further delivery addresses given. If you wish to change the delivery address for a particular order you can do so when you check out or via "My account".

    Changing your password
    If you have forgotten your password or would like to change your password please go to ‘Account Login’ and click the ‘Forgot password link’. You will be asked to input your email address (username) which will e-mail you a link to reset your password (the link will expire after 24 hours after which time they will need to repeat the process.)

    Placing repeat orders
    Within "Order history" you can any order made over the phone or online and reorder any item by clicking "add to basket". You will then be able to continue shopping or go to the checkout  where you can amend quantities and delete items before proceeding to checkout.

  • Help with My Delivery

    Find out about our delivery process.

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    Is it possible to change my order?
    Once you have checked out it is not possible to change or delete your order online. Please contact us by phone as soon as possible if you have made a mistake.

    What is your delivery charge?
    All deliveries over £100 are free within UK mainland. For deliveries outside of UK mainland carriage will be calculated by Planglow based on the weight of the order and added to the invoice after you have submitted your order. Anyone paying by credit card outside of UK mainland will be contacted by Planglow to take an additional payment for carriage once calculated.

    How long will my order take to arrive?
    Any orders received before 3.00pm will be shipped same day and will be with you in 2-3 working days. If you need your order in a hurry, next day and special delivery options are available - please select at check out. The cost for this will be calculated once you have submitted your order and added to your invoice. Anyone paying by credit card outside of UK mainland will be contacted by Planglow to take an additional payment for carriage once calculated.  Alternatively contact our customer service team on 0117 317 8600 to discuss this further. 

    Viewing order history
    To view your history of recent purchases, log in, click on "My account" then go to "Order history"

    The order is incorrect/ something is missing?
    Please check the order against your delivery receipt, e-mail order confirmation or the "My account"/ "Order history" page on the website and contact us.

    My order hasn't arrived?
    If your order hasn't arrived within two - three working days then please let us know as soon as possible.

  • Printer & Software Requirements

    Provides information about our software and printer requirements.

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    How do I print my labels?
    You can use any internet connected device and a desktop printer to print your labels if you subscribe to our online labelling application LabelLogic Live. In order to print our labels using LabelLogic or NutriLogic you will need a PC and desktop printer.

    How do I get a copy of the LabelLogic software?
    When you order your first box of labels you can choose from either our subscription based software, LabelLogic Live or our free-on-loan CD ROM based software, LabelLogic. LabelLogic Live comes with a helpful walkthrough guide which takes you through the process step by step. For LabelLogic just follow the instructions once you have installed the CD. There is also a userguide available for further information. If you are unsure what to do feel free to contact our support team on 0117 317 8600 and press 2 for support.

    Is there a charge for the LabelLogic software?
    LabelLogic Live is a subscription based service, starting at £10 per month (+VAT). LabelLogic comes free on loan. Both programs require a minimum first time order of one box of labels.

    What type of printer can I use?
    All of our A4 sheet labels can be used with a laser printer; however some are not compatible with inkjet printers - always check the order details!

    How do I access LabelLogic Live?
    When you order your labels you can select which program you would prefer to use. If you choose LabelLogic Live which is a subscription based service, you will receive an email within 24hrs from Planglow with your login details and a link to the subscription page where you will be asked to create your own password. One you have an account, you simply log in via the website app. LabelLogicLive.com using any internet connected device. Labels are then printed on a standard desktop printer.
    Please visit LabelLogicLive.com or contact us for further information.

    How much is LabelLogic Live?
    LabelLogic Live is offered on a subscription basis with one, three, six and twelve month subscription packages available. Prices start at £10 per month (Ex VAT). Please see LabelLogicLive.com for more information.

    What type of printer can I use?
    All of our A4 sheet labels can be used with a laser printer; however some are not compatible with inkjet printers - always check the order details.

  • About Our Labels

    Explains how our labels are supplied.

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    How many labels will I get?
    There are always 500 A4 sheets of labels in a box but the number of labels you receive in total depends on the size of the label and how many can fit on a sheet. (Check the fact files for details)

    Will the labels come preprinted?
    Labels come with just the label design; any over print (e.g. title, description, price etc.) must be added using our software. If you would like us to overprint your labels you can use our LabelLogic Direct service.

    Can I have labels with my logo on them?
    Yes, you can have customised labels in any shape, size or colour; however the minimum order is 2 boxes for digitally printed labels and 10 boxes for standard sheet label printing (flexographic printing). Alternatively, if you do not use this volume you can import your logo into LabelLogic and overprint it yourself.

    Do you supply labels on rolls?
    Yes, we have a selection of stock roll labels or, alternatively, you can also have your own customised design.

  • Do You Have Any Distributors Outside of UK Mainland?

    Provides details of distributors outside of the UK mainland.

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    We have a number of distributors outside of UK mainland through which you can purchase many of our products. Of course, if you would prefer, we are more than happy to continue to supply you direct, however the main advantage to you is that you will have a local supplier and therefore benefit from reduced carriage costs. There is also the added advantage of having experienced technical support available locally for software installations, training, support and advice.

    For customers in the USA:
    Planglow USA
    280 East Lothenbach Ave
    West St. Paul, MN 55118

    Contact: Rick Nelson

    Phone: Toll Free 800-774-0536
    Email: sales@planglow-usa.com

    For customers in Ireland:

    Cafe Brands.
    Unit 34
    Premier Business Park
    Ballycoolin Road
    Dublin 11
    Contact: Alex Synott
    Phone: 01 836 2077
    Fax: 01 836 2973

    Email: info@cafebrands.ie


    For customers in Poland:

    Uni-Pack Maciejko Sp. J.
    ul. Raszynska 13
    05-500 Piaseczno

    Contact: Tomasz Stasierski

    Phone: +48 (22) 750 17 41
    Mobile: +48 501 631 973
    Fax: +48 (22) 750 30 13
    Email: tomasz.stasierski@unipack.com.pl

  • How Do You Bleach Your Paper?

    Find out about the eco-friendly methods we use.

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    Planglow is proud to advise our customers that all of our paper mills employ either the Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF) method or Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) techniques to bleach paper and board. This prevents the formation of dioxins, dioxin like compounds and carcinogens during paper production.

    Our cup white board is produced using the ECF process which avoids using chlorine gas in the bleaching process.
    Our packaging is produced using the ECT process or (TCF) methods. TCF techniques use no form of chlorine compound at all during production.

  • How Strong Are Your Paper Bags?

    Find out about our high quality bag construction.

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    We are proud to offer eco-friendly quality products that are both well-designed and cost effective. As part of this offering we sell brown paper bags to support meal deal and other multi product purchases.

    Made from sustainable and renewable paper sources, the bags are recyclable offering a greener alternative to plastic bags.

    Our bags have been designed and tested to hold up to 2kg of produce per bag (two kg's is the equivalent weight of approximately five cans of cola or 57 packets of crisps), or up to 4kg of produce each for our larger custom designed bags. Unlike some of our competitors, we use an anti-rip panel inside the bag at the base of the handles to reinforce them and prevent tearing. We use a paper graded 70gsm (grams per square meter) to make both sizes of bag as this offers maximum strength with minimal waste.

    Exceeding the 2kg-per-bag weight limit (or 4kg for the larger customised bags) may lead to problems - such as tearing - making the products unfit for purpose. We would therefore advise distributing goods amongst two bags or more if the items purchased exceed the weight limits outlined above.

    If however, you have experienced problems with our bags while carrying less than 2kg (or 4kg for the larger bags) - or have any further comments or queries relating to this or any other aspect of our business - please do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly seeking new ways to further improve all of our product lines and welcome your feedback.

    If you would like to speak to someone about customising bags with your own logo or brand, please contact your regional account manager or our customer service team.

  • What's the Batch Number?

    Learn how to find a batch number on your Planglow bags.

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    If you need to find the batch code or number printed on one of our baguette bag or multi-bag products, simply place the product front-side (windowed-side) up. Gently peel back the forward-folded glued paper seam - the batch number is printed in the seam in the top left corner.

    Please see below for more information. 

  • Why Choose Compostable Products?

    Planglow provides packaging and labelling made from natural plant-based materials that will break down in a composting environment. Unlike recyclables - that are subject to the removal of laminates, windows, grease and other food waste which can all prove problematic - our products will break down in a home and / or industrial composting environment without leaving any harmful residues.

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    We have chosen to invest in developing predominately home compostable ranges that are free of oil based plastics so that our customers can dispose of items in a home compost heap post use rather than having to rely on the waste collecting services available in their area. We are however mindful of next use options outside of this and have been researching all the services and facilities currently available throughout the UK. Following on from this, we are in the process of launching Food to Field, an initiative that helps turn food packaging and food waste back into products (such as compost and bio fertilizer) that can be used to grow more crops. If you are interested in this service, please contact us so we can put you in touch with service providers in and around your area.  

    For further details of the composition of our products, please see below.

    The majority of our packaging and labelling items are made of paper, a natural, biodegradable and compostable material. In the case of our sandwich wedges, snack cubes, salad boxes, wrap packs and hot food boxes the paper or board is also laminated with a unique plant based film (which also forms the windows). This material is certified as home compostable which means the products may be disposed of in both an industrial composter as well as a home compost environment.

    Our unlaminated paper products - which includes our handled bags, chip cones, deli papers, platter boxes and inserts - are suitable for recycling (if free of food and grease) as well as both home and industrially composting.

    Our windowed bags are unlaminated paper products featuring a separate window (which is glued in) made from our certified compostable bio laminate (mentioned above). Where the window is removed, the paper section of the bag may be recycled if, once again, it is free from food and grease. The window and / or product as a whole may be disposed of in both home and industrial composting environments.

    Our clear bags, cutlery and bio lids are made from certified industrially compostable plant-based materials. While our paper based cups and pots are lined with a plant-based industrially compostable material. All of these products may be industrially composted.

    Our labels are made from paper with an adhesive backing. Once applied to packaging, the adhesive makes up a very small percentage of the overall product and together they are deemed compostable. Please note, our Frosty Labels are made of plastic so we offer an Ecopaque - paper-based - alternative. 

  • Is My Labelling Legislatively Compliant?

    We've produced this simple guide to ensure your labelling is compliant with the Food Information Regulation (FIR).

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  • Can't Find the Answer You Need?

    Here you can find our contact details.

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    We set up our website to make it as easy as possible to order online. However, if you'd prefer to have a chat about the best options for you, our friendly Customer Service team are here ready to help. Just give us a call on 0117 317 8600, e-mail us or see our full contact details here