LabelLogic Live Air
Our Cutting-Edge New Tablet & Label Printer Solution

Whether accessing office space is problematic or simply not an option for your busy food business, our latest labelling system might just be the once piece of equipment your kitchen is lacking.

LabelLogic Live Air is a game-changing new tablet and label printer combo for busy food businesses and / or those with limited space. It pairs an industry-leading label printer with a robust, affordable Android tablet providing direct access to our multi-award winning labelling app (LabelLogic Live). Users simply create their labels on the tablet and print. It’s a wireless system that uses Bluetooth (so no cables to get in the way) and offers complete control over your print settings. And the best part… It takes up less space than a toaster. Space in exceptionally short supply? You can create labels on any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.   

We think our technical director, Richard Newman, sums it up best: “Historically, setting up a roll printer has been a painstaking process taking you down a frustrating rabbit hole of drivers, installing third-party software, and obscure menus. Our Bluetooth feature bypasses the need for drivers, is easy to setup, and also offers additional flexibility to adjust the print rate and contrast levels directly in LabelLogic Live. Ultimately, LabelLogic Live Air nails both look and function providing a superior user experience performing brilliantly across the board”. 

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