Plant-Based Swaps for Scottish Single-Use Plastics Ban
We've complied our top picks

Throughout Scotland, from 1st June 2022, it will become unlawful to commercially supply eight of the country's most commonly used ’ single-use plastic items as the Scottish Government takes further steps to address the climate crisis. Labelling and packaging experts Planglow have compiled their top plastic-free picks for food and drink businesses left looking for alternatives. 

This summer, market restrictions come into play across Scotland which prevent the sale and manufacture of plastic plates, cutlery, cups (and lids), stirrers, straws, polystyrene takeout containers and balloon sticks. The latest slew of undesirables join previously banished items - plastic stemmed cotton buds, microbeads and plastic bags which were all banned in 2019 - on the list of Scotland’s outlawed single-use products. If you need alternatives then look no further, we've compiled our top pick of plastic-free products which you’ll find as a dedicated collection here at our online shop. Simply click the button bellow for wooden cutlery, paper cups and straws, plant-based take away boxes and trays, stirrers and lids. 

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