Innovation is at the Heart of our Business

We seek to offer sustainable products that are the best they can be both now and in the future. We are always on the lookout for further ways to fine-tune all of our product range with performance, sustainability, competitive pricing and look all equally considered.

In 2010 we launched a new bio cup and lid offering having recognised a significant market-need for environmentally-friendly alternatives. Our hot cup and lid utilise a double wall for greater insulation plus a food safe corn-based EN13432 certified compostable material for both the liner and lids so they are completely free from oil-based plastics. One of the first compostable coffee cups on the market, they were - and still are - a unique offering.

During 2012 - 2013, we introduced a pioneering plant-based bio laminate to as many of our grab and go packaging items as appropriate. We are the only company offering eco packaging lined with this marvellous material which, not only helps to keep products Fresher for Longer, is fully certified to the European (EN13432) norms for compostable packaging. It is also certified as home compostable too. This means that it biodegrades in a waste water environment and can be disposed of in a home compost heap.

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