Technical FAQ

Below are some of the errors that LabelLogic may from time to time bring up. If you click on the error below you will find out how to fix the problem instantly.

  • How do I access LabelLogic Live?

    If you are already a LabelLogic Live user, these are the pages you need to know...

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    To access LabelLogic Live visit

    To keep up to date with any new features of advancements visit

  • Where can I download LabelLogic

    LabelLogic is available online. To make sure you get the correct version of LabelLogic please give us a call on 0117 3178600

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    As we have so many different builds for different companies it is imperative that you get the correct one.  By giving us a call we can make sure that you are up and running with all the information you need.

    Contact us if you require further assistance. 

  • "No Data Directory Selected"

    A very simple issue you may encounter.

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    To fix this issue, simply:

    • Open LabelLogic, then go to "File" at the top left of your screen
    • Select "Set Data Source"
    • Click "Change"
    • Double click "C:\" at the top of the white window, then double click "LabelLogic Data",
    • Click "Select" on the right
    • Click "Close" when you're done

    Please contact us if you require further assistance. 

  • Where can I get my latest Printer Driver

    Click on any of the links below to go to the manufacturers driver page.

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