Compostable packaging that’s bang on brand
How customised and branded eco packaging can help your catering business get ahead

Compostable packaging doesn’t need to be boring. While we just love a natural look on eco-packaging, there is much more on offer. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, proving that labels and packaging can build your brand identity, increase loyalty and stand out on the shelf. All importantly, while not costing the earth.

Plant-based packaging can be deli-stylish, bright ‘n bold or ready for the festive season, but it can also be custom branded. So we’ve written a blog to reveal the many custom branded options for compostable packaging that are available for caterers today. Read on to stay on brand and get ahead...

Why branding?

In a competitive catering marketplace, the quality of your food and drink provision is not enough on its own. Successful food businesses also invest in developing their brand identity. Your branded grab and go items tell a story about you; they reveal the personality of your food business every time a customer carries them to their table or out the door.

Smart branding is essential to increase the visibility of your company and help draw attention to your products and differentiate them from your competitors. Your chosen customised packaging can help to position your brand in the marketplace and add to the perceived value of your offering. Together this can help you increase your margins.

Branding is powerful. It can help you build a relationship with existing customers by increasing trust and loyalty as well as attracting new customers through extended visibility. These factors all make an impact on the bottom line and the success of your business.

Why plastic-free packaging?

The benefits of going plastic-free for the environment are plain to see. The world currently creates 300 million tonnes of plastic each year. With only 9% of plastic waste being recycled, the rest ends up in landfill or polluting the oceans, causing damage to wildlife and also enters our food chain.

Sustainability also makes business sense. The “Blue Planet” effect has changed the public mood on plastic, and there is a consumer demand for caterers to reduce plastic and switch to alternatives.

In a recent study, 88% of those surveyed wanted brands to help them make a difference. The researchers note that often “brands use packaging that is desirable for the consumer at Point Of Sale, but guilt-inducing at Point Of Disposal.” With compostable packaging, it is both desirable at the point of sale as well as being guilt-free at the end as it returns to the ground as compost. All our custom packaging (even coffee lids) are compostable and free of oil-based plastics. We also have a closed-loop partner to help dispose of waste too.

Your sustainable business practices can be incorporated into your brand identity as you make it clear that your packaging is compostable and plastic-free. If you’re looking for ideas on how to integrate sustainability into your business, check out this blog.

Customisable compostable packaging and labelling

As we fully understand the critical importance of branding for catering businesses, all our packaging, labels, menus and ticketing can be branded by our in-house designers.

Our team can talk through the options with you when you’re customising your own compostable products that suit your particular needs and budget. This will include:

Colour: Linked to emotions and buying behaviours, this is a vital visual cue for customers. What’s more, almost 85% of consumers say that colour is the determining factor when purchasing a particular product.

Shape and construction: How will the packaging be used? How will it be stored on the shelf? Do you want the packaging to make a statement? 

Materials: All our packaging is made from sustainable plant-based materials, which can be divided into wood pulp and PLA products. If you’re interested, find out more here.  

Graphics and imagery: Your logo, typeface, and imagery on the packaging all help to build your brand personality. If used consistently, your colour palette and graphics become associated with your brand and your values.

You can explore some of our custom eco-packaging looks here.

On-brand compostable cups

Disposable compostable cups are the most visible of all your grab and go packaging items. Therefore it makes sense to add custom branding to your cups to get your message out there. It’s just like a free advert for business, so make it count.

We offer an exclusive CustomCup design and print service with an extremely low volume print run of just 1,000 coffee cups. This makes it an excellent choice for small businesses which don’t have huge storage space or are not ready to commit to a large order. It’s also ideal if you are looking to use eco-friendly custom cups for an event or exclusive promotions.  

Can your supplier offer custom branded packaging?

Find out more about how Planglow could help grow your business with branded packaging that’s made from plants by getting in touch today.