Life Hacks: Labelling and Display Items

From small scale signage and advertising, to highlighting your entire ethos and brand. We take a quick look at some alternative uses for these products that will help you to get your message across big and small...

Occasion Wear

Deli tickets and shelf edge cards double up nicely as place cards for formal occasions such as conferences and weddings. While menus can display seating plans, agendas, essential contacts, WIFI codes and 'Table Reserved' signage. You may even want to use menus to display photos should you be planning a Bake Off-style competition - or maybe that's just us.

'Tis the Season

Highlight special offers, seasonal promotions and ingredients or simply lend a festive holiday twist to your offering by adding 'of the moment' graphics and messaging to your labels and display items. From Christmas specials to locally picked summer fruit coolers, romantic Valentines menus to World Cup cups! Just make sure you're not infringing on anyone else's copyright or brand. You can overprint most products with offers or occasion-specific elements and change your look with the season - our colourful Seasons Labels and Menu Paper can also lend a timely twist.    

Take a Stand

What does your company stand for? What do you value? What do you support? Use your labelling and display items to underpin your ethos or stance. This could be as simple as adding your company motto or highlighting the fact that you only use organic milk, to including details of a charitable initiative you are proud to support.

Baby Billboards

Labelling, ticketing and menus can each be used to advertise new products and services by announcing the launch of a new site, competition, offering or extended opening hours. Menus also moonlight as table talkers promoting special offers, upcoming events and more. Where space is limited, direct customers to your company's website and / or Facebook and other social media channels for further details - this will also boost web traffic and followers. 

Need Some Help? 

Please remember that your labelling and  / or signage must provide specific information about the contents of your products by law, the depth of which varies depending on whether you make your products on-site or buy in. Please refer to our labelling guideline information sheet here for further details. Outside of these legal requirements however, there is nothing to stop you from adding messaging and graphics as you see fit, as long as they do not mislead your customer in any way. 

If you require menu stands and display items please visit our online shop here for details. If you are unsure how to add extra components to products, please contact our technical support team on 0117 317 8600. And finally, if you decide you'd like a more bespoke look for your packaging or labelling, your account manager is available to discuss what works best for you. 

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