The French Tarte: Custom Design Packaging

"We wanted to use plant-based packaging so we Googled to see what our options were. We ordered samples from the three main companies that came up, but Planglow's products were the ones that instantly stood out and we found the service to be very helpful and pleasant too".

Choosing items from Planglow's stock Ecoco Collection, TFT opted to have products custom designed by Planglow as well as to further support the brand. So a label, napkin, bio cup, deli paper and bag utilising TFT logo and colours were developed.

We wanted to raise awareness of our brand overall so the brief was for easy, smart looking options that fitted with our overall look. Branded bags and cups were our first thought as they are used for take-away items, while the stickers offer additional opportunities and another finishing touch for lots of other items.

Planglow's products support our brand really well - they've a quality finish which is really important for us and look very smart, so we're always confident in our purchases."

Sarah Guignard, Co-Founder, The French Tarte