Unprepared for Natasha’s Law?
We’re here for food businesses of all shapes and sizes with our one-stop-shop labelling system

Recently, we reported that hundreds of bakeries were unprepared for Natasha’s Law (which arrived on the 1st October 2021) however, it’s not just bakeries who are feeling the burn. Now is the time for all food businesses - from independents and delis to chain sandwich shops and coffee bars - to take action. 

Firstly, let’s recap, what is Natasha’s Law? If your food business provides food or drink items pre-packaged for direct sale (PPDS), from the 1st of October, you are now required to include a full ingredient declaration on the pack with allergens highlighted - most commonly - in bold.

To be clear, the law impacts businesses of all sizes and if you offer PPDS foods, you need to comply. If you’re looking for more information, you can check out our Natasha’s Law Labelling Masterclass.

What is Planglow’s Go-To Solution?

LabelLogic Live, Planglow’s multi-award-winning food labelling app and our wide range of label designs are here to help. Together these allow food businesses to create and print labelling that meets these new regulations using nothing more than a web connected device (such as a laptop, tablet or computer) and a standard office printer. It’s easy to comply with Natasha’s Law when you have the right tools to hand.  

Easy Legal Labelling

With our labelling software, LabelLogic Live, food businesses create and print their own branded food labels. 

Labels can include: 

  • Basic product information
  • Barcodes
  • Q.U.I.D.S
  • Nutritional data
  • Reference Intakes
  • Allergen information

So, no matter what changes in food legislation may happen further down the line, LabelLogic Live will remain quick, easy to use and always fully compliant.

Food businesses can even add nutritional data - including a full ingredient declaration and allergens in bold - from thousands of branded items. Because, with our integrated solution, you’ll have data sets available to you from 42,000+ branded products via 800 manufacturers and 140 regional and national wholesalers.

Another significant benefit of LabelLogic Live is the time it saves as users can avoid duplicating pre-existing data and, in turn, reduce the risk of human error through this data input. You can also automatically export ingredient and recipe information from other supported software directly into the LabelLogic Live app.

This means, if you are using a third party recipe management platform, we can link your accounts so there’s no need to input data a second time. This minimises the risk of incorrect data being added to your labels and offers further safeguards for you, your business and your customers.

Low Cost Solution

It’s easy to get started with LabelLogic Live. There are no startup costs and no specialist equipment required. All you need is a box of labels and a subscription to the app. 

Comprehensive, Expert Support

We are offering a 1:1 Natasha’s Law consultation, covering:

- What is Natasha's Law and does it apply to me?

- A demo of LabelLogic Live (including how to get compliant and new software features)

- Natasha’s Law compliant labelling options

- Options if you use a 3rd party recipe management system

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