Our Simple-to-Use Food Labelling Software

LabelLogic Live is our multi-award- winning food labelling app. It allows you to create legally compliant food labels online then print using a home / office printer. From product title and price to barcodes, allergens and full ingredient declaration, you can add as much or as little information as you require.

Meanwhile our agile tablet & roll printer labelling system - LabelLogic Live Air - brings our revolutionary label printing technology directly in-kitchen. Both of our cutting-edge label software solutions offer you complete control over your labelling. 

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Easy Legal Labelling 1 - 2 - 3 

1. Create Labels Online

Using your computer, phone or tablet 

2. Add Product Information

From price to full ingredient declaration and barcodes, you can also highlight allergens in bold

3. Print With a Home / Office Printer or Roll Label Printer Depending On Your Needs

Why Switch to LabelLogic Live? 

  • Low Cost Solution - it’s easy to get started with LabelLogic Live. All you need is a box of labels and a subscription to the app. There are no startup costs and no specialist equipment required. 
  • Flexible Payment Options - cancel at any time with no hidden costs
  • Designer Labels - Choose from one of our predesigned templates or design your own with our easy-to-use design tool
  • Always Legally Compliant - Automatically updates with any changes in legislation so you’ll always be compliant
  • User Management - Add users and set permissions on a per-user basis
  • Works With Your Existing Software - Automatically import recipe and ingredients from other software for seamless data management. Read about our Erudus integration which allows caterers to calculate and add nutri data from 140 wholesalers, 800 manufacturers and 42K branded products to their own food labelling
  • Incorporates Full Nutritional Recipe Builder - Enables you to display nutritional tables and Reference Intakes (including calorie information) with ease. (Includes McCance and Widdowsons - The Composition of Foods: Seventh Summary Edition - which contains nearly 3,000 of the most commonly, consumed food in the UK
  • Industry Leading Support - We offer free of charge support via phone, live chat, remote access and site visits

Are You a Multi-site Caterer? 

Large operators love our software because it offers the option to set up a centralised master database which we can integrate with any cloud-based recipe management system. Grant your individual sites access as and where required to ensure data is always compliant and up to date.   

Read our case study to see how Elior delivers legislatively compliant labels across multiple sites

Looking for an In-Kitchen Tablet Solution? 

LabelLogic Live Air is a smart tablet and label printer combo for busy food businesses and / or those with limited space. It pairs an industry-leading label printer with a robust, affordable Android tablet providing a limitless portal to LabelLogic Live, our cutting edge label printing app. Users simply create labels on the tablet and print. This wireless system uses Bluetooth (so no cables to get in the way), offers complete control over your print settings and takes up less space than a toaster. LabelLogic Live Air is as mobile as your business, providing an agile, space saving solution for creating labels on the fly. 

What Are the Benefits? 

  • Ready to roll - simply switch on your tablet and you’re good to go 
  • Best performing affordable tablet  plus heavy duty case
  • Industry-leading roll printer
  • Revolutionary system offering easy, legal, quality in-kitchen labelling
  • Space saving (takes up less space than a toaster)
  • As mobile as your business - works anywhere with a wireless internet connection
  • Low cost, high quality labelling
  • Offers complete control over your print settings including fast printing and reduced ink

What Does the Package Include? 

  • Multi-functional Android tablet 
  • Heavy duty case / stand 
  • Roll printer
  • 1 year subscription to LabelLogic Live
  • 2 x 500 rolls of Gastro or Natural labels

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