Catering For Your Design

Glo Creative is a division of Planglow Ltd. Our experience of the catering industry stems from Planglow.

The main advantage to you is that our team of Designers and Marketing Consultants all have extensive knowledge of your industry, as well as design agency backgrounds.

As a division of Planglow we can offer you a unique service. Not only can we create a successful brand identity, but we can also extend this across a wide range of catering products.

When developing your logo, we will also consider the constraints of label and packaging print, this will ensure your logo works as effectively as possible across all media.

We can manage your entire branding process, from concept development, to print and everything in between. This will help you to convey a clear and concise brand message, as well as a consistent image.

If you would like to find out more about our services at Glo Creative, please e-mail or call 0117 317 8600.

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