Groundbreaking Cloud Based Labelling

LabelLogic Live is our groundbreaking cloud based label printing application, developed to meet the ever changing needs of modern food service operators.

Flexible, intuitive and easy to use, LabelLogic Live enables you to create, edit, update and print your labels with ease and on the go, from any internet connected device.

Why switch to LabelLogic Live?

  • Cloud Based Application
    Completely web based, this means no 3rd party software installation, no waiting for I.T. to install your software and no sheet allocation.
  • Multi-platform
    With support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android built in.
  • Works On Any Device
    Use on any device that is connected to the internet (including mobiles and tablets).
  • Automatic Updates
    No need to worry about legislative changes or updates as these are instantly applied
  • Nutritional Labelling Made Easy
    Incorporating a full nutritional recipe builder enables you to display nutritional tables and Reference Intakes with ease. (It includes the most up to date database from McCance and Widdowsons - The Composition of Foods: Seventh Summary Edition - which contains nearly 3,000 of the most commonly, consumed food in the UK!)
  • Amazon Secure Hosting
    Hosted on Amazon's leading cloud infrastructure, it ensures your data is secure and always accessible.

Part of a large multi-site group?

LabelLogic Live enables head office to create, roll out and lock down data and templates without having to police for consistency or errors.

How Does It Work?

LabelLogic Live is a subscription based service, if you wish to sign up, please select LabelLogic Live when you purchase your labels or contact our Customer Service team. You will then receive an email within 24hrs from Planglow with your login details and a link to the subscription page where you will be asked to create your own password.

Find out more at or if you are already a user of LabelLogic Live visit to log in