Reporting to business
LabelLogic Live’s latest update - reporting functions

Never has it been a better time to use LabelLogic Live. Not only is this snazzy, industry-leading labelling software a quick and straightforward way to create visually appealing and legislatively compliant labels - Planglow are now able to bring you detailed reporting.

Utilising data created through the Recipe and Ingredients, Products and Print sections of the software, LabelLogic Live can now automatically generate advanced reports tailored to you. You can choose from a selection of different reports including:

Print List Reporting

Pull data from existing print lists to easily and efficiently analyse product usage in each list, quantities printed, pricing, ingredients, allergens and nutritional information.

Category Report

Generate a detailed report breaking down the different categories your account has created and the products that are contained within.

Recipe Report

Advanced breakdown of recipes, including a Nutritional Breakdown and Reference Daily Intakes. Recipe reports can be as simple or detailed as needed, with options for Nutritional Tables and ‘Energy + 4’ RDIs.

Ingredients List Report

Report generated from your Ingredients Centre, allowing for real-time nutritional data and allergen declarations.

Print Usage Report

Generate a list of all labels that have been printed, up to 12 months prior.

All reports can be downloaded as PDFs and printed from a standard desktop printer in a matter of minutes. Once done, these reports can be shared with others, offering a visual and thorough document that allows for real-time decision making and ingredients transparency.

“We decided that we wanted to create a reporting functionality after hearing feedback from our customers. The update means that users can create several different reports that identify ingredients, print numbers and nutritional data.” Holly Taylor, PR and Marketing Manager at Planglow, comments; “Individually sorting through recipes, ingredients and products can be a time-consuming process riddled with data entry. LabelLogic Live’s latest feature streamlines this process and creates the reports for you. All that you need to do is visit the reporting section on the website and select the categories that you want to analyse data on.”