Our label software welcomes Booker Wholesaler
Printing food labels is even easier with our new integration

Good news for our labelling software customers - creating and printing food labels with Booker wholesaler ingredients just got a whole lot easier and more efficient.

Thanks to the clever integration with Erudus, our customers can now access Booker wholesaler ingredients (including allergens and nutritional data) and add this to their labels via our food label app, LabelLogic Live.

Booker Wholesaler is a leading UK food and drink wholesaler with over 400,000 caterers nationwide, making this addition to LabelLogic Live such a positive announcement. We are looking forward to speeding up the food label printing process for our customers across the UK who use Booker.

Integration with Erudus

The integration with market-leading food data specialist Erudus, enables you to add nutritional data from thousands of branded items to your food labelling via LabelLogic Live. That’s a tremendous 42,000+ branded products from 800 manufacturers and 140 regional and national wholesalers (now including Booker) ready for you to add.

For instance, if you use a Heinz-branded product in your delicious chicken mayo sandwich to go, adding the full ingredient declaration and nutritional breakdown is only a click away. You can add the allergen and nutrition information to your label, print, and send your products out into the world with correctly printed labels for food. This is a game-changer in ensuring compliance and accuracy as well as increasing efficiency, saving caterers time and ultimately money.

Future-proofed labelling solution

Not only does LabelLogice live ensure compliance with current food labelling regulations, such as Natasha’s Law and calorie labelling but as it is fully web based, LabelLogic Live automatically updates with legislative changes, offering a fully future-proofed labelling solution.

LabelLogic Live label software is user-friendly, quick and simple to use, allowing customers to create and print their own food labelling online using any internet-connected device and a standard office/home printer.

Which wholesaler data can our customers access?

Below is a list of all the other wholesaler data sets our customers can currently access.

  • AF Blakemore
  • All Shires Foods
  • Bidfood
  • Birchall Foodservice
  • Booker Braehead Foods
  • Brakes
  • Castell Howell
  • Caterfood
  • Charles Saunders
  • Clegg's Chilled Foodservice
  • Country Range
  • Creed
  • Crowndale Foodservice
  • Debriar
  • Dennis Edwards
  • Dunsters Farm
  • Ewood Foods
  • Fife Creamery
  • First Choice Foodservice
  • Fresh Direct
  • Fresh Fayre
  • Harlech Foodservice
  • HB Ingredients
  • Holdsworth
  • Hopwells
  • Hunts Foodservice
  • JMP Foodservice
  • Kent Frozen Foods
  • Lomond Fine Foods
  • M&J Seafood
  • McClures Foodservice
  • Medina Foodservice
  • Midland Chilled Foods Ltd
  • Nicol Hughes
  • Philip Dennis
  • Pilgrim Foodservice
  • Pioneer Foodservice
  • Q Catering
  • Reids Foodservice
  • Savona
  • Total Foodservice
  • Trevors Foodservice
  • Turner Price
  • Tyneside Foodservice
  • Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation
  • Is your wholesaler on the list?

    Our labelling software comes with industry-leading support via phone, live chat, remote access, and site visits so you’re not alone. If you use a particular wholesaler and do not spot them on the list, please email support@planglow.com and we’ll check out if they can be added.

    Is your business benefiting from LabelLogic Live yet?

    It’s easy to get started with LabelLogic Live if you haven’t already. There are no startup costs or specialist equipment required. All you need is a box of labels and a subscription to the software.

    Find out more about LabelLogic Live.

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