Elior: Consistent, Compliant Allergen Labelling Nationwide

We use around 36,000 ingredients at Elior which encompasses 26 allergen attributes as well as reference intakes which, in turn, pull in around another ten pieces of data. Inputting that manually and matching the correct data to the right labelling field takes a tremendous amount of time - not to mention a meticulous attention to detail - but with LabelLogic Live this happens automatically. What’s more, we can refresh that data daily and accurately in a matter of minutes - 1300 lines of data in 15 minutes to be precise! 

While we manage and control all our menu data centrally, LabelLogic Live allows us to set permissions that accommodate regional or even site-specific differences so our chefs can for example, create a bespoke product or a regional price difference. The software is always in line with legislation too so, let’s say the list of allergens expanded, we’d be able to update all of our labelling, shelf edge cards and menus immediately. The real beauty of it is, it doesn’t matter which label is selected either (we use dozens across the wider business depending on the division or brand), LabelLogic Live has streamlined the entire process delivering accurate, consistent labelling across the board, the end user simply selects the label or labels for them. 

Ian Smith, RME product manager, Elior 

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