New Paper Drinking Straw
We've launched an alternative to plastic drinking straws

If plastic drinking straws have become the bane of your life then say hello to the Natural Drinking Straw – our new sustainable paper drinking straw. Stronger than your average paper product, these Natural beauties are robust enough to stay mush-free long after the last sip, despite being made of paper and paper only. 

Showcasing a natural paper finish, this product supports an earth-kind presentation - unlike some PLA products, which consumers can mistake for an oil-based plastic item.

"The need for a viable substitute to single-use use plastics has never been so keenly felt, not least because many single-use plastic products - including straws - may be banned in 2019. With this in mind, and following a growing number of requests from our customers, we are delighted to offer a sustainable paper-based alternative to the plastic drinking straw," commented Jess Lyons at Planglow.

The 20cm Natural Straw is available in boxes of 250 and may be paired with our plastic-free cups to serve smoothies, milkshakes, juices and more. Planglow’s unique bio cups come in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes and in a choice of three branded finishes: rustic Natural, gourmet to-go Gastro and brightly coloured Botanical. These double walled cups are suitable for both hot and cold drinks and have a corn-based, food-safe bio-coating which meets the European composability standard EN13432, this means that the cup may be industrially composted where facilities are available.