Products to enhance your grab and go offer

Our Eco-Friendly Branded Packaging

Planglow offer a wide range of eco packaging solutions for the grab and go market: sandwich boxes and bags, containers for salads and deli items, coffee cups, bakery and patisserie packaging and packaging for hot takeaway foods - including a burger box, noodle boxes, grease proof sheets and a large kraft clamshell pack. Each of our products offers environmentally friendly alternatives to polystyrene and plastic packaging. Available in five off-the-shelf collections - Natural, Blanco, Gastro, Street Food and Ecoco - Planglow also offer custom design options and brand creation services too.

Our expertly designed packaging products have been created to compliment your choice of labelling and further support your brand: stylish, cost effective and fit for purpose items made from sustainable natural plant-based materials. From spoons to sandwich packs, lids to laminates and everything in between - our products will break down in a compost environment post-use. 
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Our Labelling Software

When you buy labels from Planglow you have a number of software options for over-printing your labels. You can use LabeLogic our free-on-loan CD Rom based market-leading label-printing software*. Alternatively you can subscribe** to our fully web-based labelling application LabelLogic Live* where you can create, design and print labels using any internet connected device and a standard desktop printer. Fully compliant with all labelling legislation - including the Food Information Regulation (FIR) - both programs enable you to quickly and easily overprint your choice of product information while only ever printing the number of labels you need.

LabelLogic Live can also calculate and add nutritional information to your labels. Alternatively, our NutriLogic software is available to our LabelLogic customers. Simply create the recipes and our software will do the hard part for you: calculating the nutritional values of your produce and automatically updating the nutritional and ingredients boxes on your labels.

Effective, simple and speedy to use, our software also comes with full access to our knowledgeable and friendly support team who are on hand should you ever need them.
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Our Labelling & Ticketing

Planglow creates labelling and ticketing items for use both front and back of house: from food safety products, to an extensive range of colourful and engaging label, sticker and ticketing designs. Available in roll label and A4 sheet label formats - with options for both Laser and Inkjet Printers - we offer a diverse choice of label styles, sizes, shapes and finishes to support and enhance your brand.

Furthermore, many of our label and ticketing designs have been created to accommodate allergens, barcodes and nutritional information (including the government recommended Reference Intake - or RI - scheme). In fact you can customise your labelling to include any information you require - such as product details, logos, marketing slogans and more - with our labelling software,  a PC (or any internet connected device with LabelLogic Live) and a standard desktop printer.

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* Both programs require a minimum first order of one box of labels
** Offered on a subscription basis with one, three, six and twelve month subscription packages available. Prices start at £10 per month (Ex VAT)