Takeaway Pots / Bowls and Lids

Extend a compostable presentation to your pots with these takeaway bowls and lids. Available in our rustic kraft Natural packaging range, our striking chalk on slate Gastro collection and colourful Botanical range, these takeaway tubs are soup bowls, deli pots, ice cream containers and everything in between as they have been designed to work with both hot and cold food. 

Available in 12oz and 16oz sizes all of our takeaway pots are lined with a water-based liner, use water-based inks and have been (EN13432 and home compost) certified. This means that they are suitable for industrial composting (where facilitated) and can be disposed of in a home compost heap. All of our materials come from sustainably managed forests and plantations.

Pair pots with a compostable paper lid which is lined with a PLA coating. Our compostable lids will break down in an industrial composting environment (where facilitated).