Out of Home Calorie Labelling Regulations

The Calorie Labelling Regulations

The Government in England and Northern Ireland has made it compulsory for businesses employing 250+ staff and operating in the out of home sector to publish the calorie content of its food and drink products. Information should be displayed at the ‘point of choice’ for your customers: food labels, shelf edge cards, deli tickets, menus (physical or online) or via your food delivery platform. If your customers can select food and drink via multiple points around your premises, you will need to provide calorie information at each location.  

Qualifying businesses should:

  • Display the energy content in kilocalories (kcal) of of a single portion of the food

            OR if prepared for consumption by more than one person, the whole item

  • Reference the size of the portion to which the calorie information relates

            OR the number of people for whom the item has been prepared

  • Include ‘statement of daily calorie needs*: “adults need around 2000 kcal a day”’

Counting the Calorie with LabelLogic Live

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