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Best-before or use-by food labelling

The lowdown on when to add “best before end” and “use- by” dates on food labels

Consumer confusion around food date labelling is contributing to the huge piles of excess food waste in the UK. Estimates are that the average Brit throws away £303 worth of food a year due to it being labelled as past its use-by date - when in reality it could be safe to eat. As most food waste ends up in landfill, it then contributes to greenhouse gases and climate change.

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How To: Add Calorie Information to Menus

Creating and Printing Calorie Labelling Regulation Compliant Menus in LabelLogic Live

Looking to create and print menus with calorific values? Look no further...

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Scotland cracks down on single-use plastics

What does Scotland’s single-use plastics ban mean for your food business?

Scotland’s move to a circular economy will be a step closer from 1st June 2022 when a ban on single-use plastics will be introduced. A reduction in single-use packaging is backed by almost 80% of Scottish consumers, who are concerned about the volume of plastic packaging. (Zero Waste Scotland). What do these new regulations on single-use plastics mean for your foodservice or catering business? Time is running out if you need to prepare, so read on to find out more.

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Counting the Calories

The New Calorie Labelling Regulations Explained

In three months it will become law for large out of home food and drink businesses to display calorie information on their products, in this blog post we break down the who’s, what’s, why's, where's and when’s, along with - perhaps most importantly - the how’s.

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How To: Add Calorie Information to Food Labels & Ticketing

Creating calorie labelling in LabelLogic Live

Five-step guide for adding calorie information to your food and drink products in compliance with the Out of Home Calorie Labeling Regulations.

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Over a Quarter of Businesses Were Unprepared for Natasha’s Law

+ Use of Natasha’s Law Compliant Food Labels Doubles After October Deadline

We saw a 31% uptake in subscribers to our Natasha’s Law compliant labelling app in the three months after the legislation came into force. During the first month alone, food businesses across the UK used the app to lawfully label 10 million grab and go items, doubling the previous month’s pre-deadline total of 5 million.

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New look PAL, your customers’ new best friend?

Precautionary Allergen Labelling Consultation

From Natasha’s Law to PALs, allergen labelling can be confusing, so read on to discover where food service stands with the current guidance and food safety law and what the ‘may contain’ consultation means for your food business.

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The Naked Truth

Why Showing What Your Business is Made of is 2022’s Biggest Trend

Next year’s hottest look? Your business laid bare. It's time to show the world what you’re made of and here’s how...

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One-Stop Foodie Labelling Solution

Interview with Rachel Hothersall, Marketing Manager, Pilgrim Foodservice

When independent wholesaler, Pilgrim Foodservice, looked for solutions to help their customers comply with Natasha’s Law, one option stood out for its ease of use, accuracy, and customer support. We caught up with Rachel Hothersall, Marketing Manager at Pilgrim Foodservice to discover more about their business and how they’re always there for their clients, including supporting them to comply with Natasha’s Law.

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Unprepared for Natasha’s Law?

We’re here for food businesses of all shapes and sizes with our one-stop-shop labelling system

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