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Hawkhurst Bread Shed : How We Roll

How roll labels and labelling software boost business

The Hawkhurst Bread Shed always gets the details right. It’s just the way they roll - not only in terms of big punchy flavours but also a striking presentation that stands out on the shelf. As manager Lauren Smith puts it, “customers eat with their eyes.”

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Time’s up on single-use plastic

Single-use plastic ban in England from October 2023

Single-use plastic takes its toxic toll on the environment. The impact is evident, from polluting our seas and contaminating the food chain to increasing carbon emissions through every stage of their lifecycle and taking centuries to decompose in landfill.

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Single-Use Plastics Bans: Our Quick-Look Guide

What's being banned where and when and what are the alternatives

If you're confused by the single-use plastics bans across Scotland, Wales and England, we've created a simple table that shows you what's (being) banished where and when, plus our replacements.

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Are you Natasha’s Law compliant?

Allergy labelling one year on

Around one in five businesses are still not fully compliant with Natasha's Law. With a host of challenges affecting the sector, allergen labelling can slip down the priority list. What’s the solution?

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Stand By Me

Meet PRM’s Paul Clark Who’ll Be Joining Us at This Year’s Lunch! Show

From farming to Guy Martin and why pasties always make the best lunch, we catch up with Paul Clark, product manager at our partners and lunch! show compadres, PRM Waste Systems ahead of this year’s exhibition.

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The Outlaws

Scotland Fully Bans Single-Use Plastics with Exemption from UK Internal Market Act

Last week the Scottish Government announced it was closing a loophole in the UK Internal Market Act, preventing businesses from purchasing single-use plastic items that are banned Scotland from suppliers in England and Wales.

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Spreading the Planglow Magic

Planglow’s Newly appointed technical director and resident magician discusses IT support, floppy disks and the importance of a work family

Having been with Planglow 23 years, our newly appointed technical director, Richard Newman really knows his IT! In this post our multitasking systems engineer, technical manager, father of two, scout leader and professional magician talks us through all things tech including being the first point of call when everything goes wrong and if turning it off and on again really does work….

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Best-before or use-by food labelling

The lowdown on when to add “best before end” and “use- by” dates on food labels

Consumer confusion around food date labelling is contributing to the huge piles of excess food waste in the UK. Estimates are that the average Brit throws away £303 worth of food a year due to it being labelled as past its use-by date - when in reality it could be safe to eat. As most food waste ends up in landfill, it then contributes to greenhouse gases and climate change.

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How To: Add Calorie Information to Menus

Creating and Printing Calorie Labelling Regulation Compliant Menus in LabelLogic Live

Looking to create and print menus with calorific values? Look no further...

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Scotland cracks down on single-use plastics

What does Scotland’s single-use plastics ban mean for your food business?

Scotland’s move to a circular economy will be a step closer from 1st June 2022 when a ban on single-use plastics will be introduced. A reduction in single-use packaging is backed by almost 80% of Scottish consumers, who are concerned about the volume of plastic packaging. (Zero Waste Scotland). What do these new regulations on single-use plastics mean for your foodservice or catering business? Time is running out if you need to prepare, so read on to find out more.

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