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The Naked Truth

Why Showing What Your Business is Made of is 2022’s Biggest Trend

Next year’s hottest look? Your business laid bare. It's time to show the world what you’re made of and here’s how...

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One-Stop Foodie Labelling Solution

Interview with Rachel Hothersall, Marketing Manager, Pilgrim Foodservice

When independent wholesaler, Pilgrim Foodservice, looked for solutions to help their customers comply with Natasha’s Law, one option stood out for its ease of use, accuracy, and customer support. We caught up with Rachel Hothersall, Marketing Manager at Pilgrim Foodservice to discover more about their business and how they’re always there for their clients, including supporting them to comply with Natasha’s Law.

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Unprepared for Natasha’s Law?

We’re here for food businesses of all shapes and sizes with our one-stop-shop labelling system

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Your Guide to Labelling Solutions for Natasha’s Law

Natasha’s Law FAQs Part 2

Planglow’s award-winning labelling software makes it easier for your food business to comply with Natasha’s Law. We pride ourselves on expert customer service and we’re on hand to answer any of your questions. Below are FAQS on labelling software and Natasha’s Law.

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Natasha’s Law and Labelling Software: Where Do I start?

Free Downloadable User Guide for Natasha’s Law

Natasha’s Law is (almost) here. From the 1st October, your food business - no matter what size - needs to comply. The laws have been introduced to help better safeguard people with food hypersensitivity (food allergies, intolerances or coeliac disease) and more than likely mean big changes to your food business: primarily the ways in which you label your food and drink products. Because, if you offer food or drink pre-packaged for direct sale (PPDS), you’ll soon need to include a full ingredient declaration on the pack with allergens highlighted in bold.

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Natasha’s Law FAQs

Your allergen legislation questions answered

With Natasha’s Law fast approaching from 1st October 2021, many food businesses still have lots of questions about what the changes mean for their business. How can you ensure compliance? So to help, working with the Food Standards Agency (FSA), we tackled some of the most commonly asked Natasha’s Law queries.

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Learning Curve

How Petroc College tackled allergen labelling ahead of Natasha’s Law

With two campuses in Barnstaple and a third thirty miles away in Tiverton, leading Devon-based college Petroc knows a thing or two about multi-site operations. Here Catering Support Administrator Paula Young discusses delivering a united, quality food service offering across three sites. And how, with a little support from Planglow, the college is managing its allergen labelling ahead of Natasha’s Law this coming October.

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Sharing is Caring

The latest food trends inspired by a difficult year

While Twenty-twenty was challenging to say the very least, it did demonstrate how much we all care. From Clap for Carers to supporting our neighbours or local high street. How does this translate to your cafe, bakery business or other catering enterprise in the year ahead? We’re glad you asked, here’s our top four takeaways...

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Here to help with home deliveries

Preparing your business for a second lockdown

On Saturday evening, Boris Johnson announced a second lockdown. In this blog, our team take a look at a selection of compostable packaging that can be used for hot and cold food deliveries.

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Getting ready for Natasha's Law

With one year to go until Natasha's law, we take a look at how businesses can prepare

The legislation comes into effect in October 2021 with the aim to make food labelling clearer, consistent and safer for those living with food allergies. This blog will discuss how Natasha’s law will change the way that you provide ingredient and allergen information, as well as discussing what tools are available to help you do so.

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