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Not Just a Pretty Interface

While our jazzy new website's quite the looker, it's so much more than just a pretty interface. Yep this beauty offers all kinds of wizzy new features (that's the technical term obvs.) to make your life that little bit easier. Our Q& A below takes a little look at just what it can do...

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Footloose and Gluten Free

Gluten-Free Offerings and How to Create Your Own

In 2016 the gluten-free market was worth a staggering £2.6bn worldwide with sales taking one sizable - 12.6% or £323m - step up on the previous year (Euromonitor). This figure is all the more astonishing given that this expansion was three times that of the wider packaged foods market (4%). What’s more, give it another three years and sales of gluten-free products are set to grow over a third (38%) as much again reaching a giddying £3.57bn (Euromonitor). As the market continues to blow up however, it does beg the question: why are so many consumers bidding adieu to gluten? What’s more, how can you introduce a gluten-free offering?

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So Hot Right Now

Three Trends for Spring / Summer

The coming months are full to bursting with new concepts, flavours and culinary finesse. In this post, we take a peek inside the great melting pot of developing trends and simmer it down to three…

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Heat Rises

One in Nine G&G Purchases Served Hot

We take a look at what's happened to the grab and go market over the last six months...

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Custom Designed

We stock a whole lot of customisable looks but sometimes our customers want something designed especially for them. In this post we take a peek at some of the bespoke labels, logos and packaging products we've created over the past eighteen months...

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Baguette Me Not

How One Woman Won Back Her Customers from the Deluge of Coffee Shop Chains

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Are You Suffering with FIR-a-Phobia?

The dreaded Food Information Regulations (FIR) are back and the prospect of most prepacked items soon having to carry nutri declarations - by law - is sending some providers into a cold sweat! If you or someone you know is feeling fearful of the changes to come, it could be a case of FIR-a-phobia but the good news is we're here to help. Read on for our FIR-friendly guide plus details of the support on offer...

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Composting Q&A

In this Q&A post we break it all down - in more ways than one!

Terms like 'compostable' and 'biodegradable' get used a lot but what do they actually mean - for you, for your business and for the environment as a whole?

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The Street Food Boom & Baguette Effect

We sell a lot of packaging: last year* this was more than 30 million items across England, Scotland and Wales which gives us some handy insights into the grab and go market. In this post we share some of our key findings...

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In Praise of Apprenticeships

In the spring of 2013 Planglow took on its first apprentice, three years on more than a quarter of our head office staff have now joined us through the scheme. In this post we meet some of our wonderful apprentices (old and new) and find out what taking them on has meant for both them and our business.

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