Grill Me In
New Compostable Oven Bag / Toasty Bag

Our toasted sandwich-come-hot bag is quite the multi tasker as it allows food and drink providers to store ready bagged pre-prepared products (such as paninis, pastries or even pizza) in the chiller and then simply pop in the oven or on the grill as required. The hot bag is equally acclimatised to a hot cabinet and can in fact be heated up to 220°C. You can even place food products directly in a contact grill without damaging the bag around them, this supports an altogether more hygienic cooking environment and can help to reduce cross contamination from potential allergens such as melted cheese. 

Made from grease repellent paper with a very fine silicone coating, this packaging product is suitable for industrial composting and carries both ‘Fully compostable’ and ‘This bag can be industrially composted where facilitated’ messaging. It joins our best-selling Natural range, the oven bag also complements our multi-award winning hot takeaway packaging collection StreetFood.   

Available in boxes of 600, pair the Natural Oven Bag with toasties, samosas, sausage rolls, doughnuts, spring rolls, pizza, chicken wings and hash browns as well as toasted sandwiches. 

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