Extending the Shelf Life of Your Products

Many of our sandwich packaging products carry our Fresher for Longer accreditation which denotes that these products can help to safeguard a longer shelf life for the food items inside and help to minimise food waste.

So how does it work? Our Fresher for Longer food packaging products all feature our innovative plant-based bio laminate. Unique to Planglow, this amazing material enhances the overall performance and structure of our products while also extending the shelf life of your sandwiches and wraps.

Our bio laminate:

  • Provides products with a superior barrier against oily dressings and rich fillings
  • Serves as a window bypassing the need for a separate windowing process. This also reduces costs - a saving we are pleased to be able to pass on to our customers
  • Is fully certified to the European (EN13432) norms for compostable packaging, and is also certified as home compostable too. This means the bio laminate biodegrades in a waste water environment and can be disposed of in a home compost heap

Look out for the Fresher for Longer stamp at our online shop to see which products benefit.

Please contact us if you'd like to test out the shelf life of your sandwiches and wraps with any of our Fresher for Longer items.