How Can I Dispose of Planglow’s Compostable Packaging?

We only supply packaging that is made from compostable, plant based materials and never oil based plastics.

Why Compostables?

Packaging which contains traces of food cannot be recycled, neither can packaging made from mixed materials (products such as card wedges with a plastic film would be challenging), whereas compostable packaging and food waste is a perfect combination. We recognise that an ideal solution for the disposal of food to go packaging is an ongoing goal that we are all striving for, and we do not encourage or support littering or landfill disposal of compostable packaging. We also acknowledge that the industrial composting infrastructure for the recycling of compostable packaging and food waste is limited as many sites will not accept the mix due to the risk of contamination from non-compostable products; however we do recommend alternative cost effective waste disposal solutions for our customers:   

Most of our products are home compostable, so should they end up at a customer’s home they can be composted along with the usual garden and vegetable peelings waste. This applies to the following Planglow products.

•All film lined packaging (wedges, bloomer packs, salad packs, wrap packs, snack cubes)

•Windowed bags

•Deli Paper

The vast majority of packaging waste has to be disposed of by the caterer on site at a workplace. If you are a large location such as an education site, hospital, military, leisure or workplace caterer we have an innovative solution to offer you. We have partnered with PKL who supply the Garbage Guzzler, an onsite food waste digester which provides a one stop shop for your food and compostable packaging waste. 

The machine uses aerobic digestion to reduce food and other organic waste by up to 90%, and leaves an output that can be used either as a soil improver or biomass fuel.

As soon as waste is added to the Garbage Guzzler, the digestion process starts and a significant reduction in waste (up to 70%) can be achieved within the first 24 hours.

Available in two sizes (a 200 kg or a 400 kg per day machine), the Garbage Guzzler provides a great way of significantly reducing the amount of unavoidable waste that you are potentially sending to landfill by dealing with the problem at your site. Not only can this help you to save money on waste collections, but also reduces the associated vehicle movements. With the latest developments on the Garbage Guzzler we believe that for most sites there is a cost advantage on leasing this machine compared to food and compostable packaging collections.

Unlike anaerobic digestion, no methane is created as part of the digestion process. The machine is easy to use, and requires no specialist training or handling requirements for the output product and if non organic waste such as cutlery or plastics are occasionally put into the machine, these can easily be removed without damaging the machine or contaminating the organic output.

As long as food waste is being put into the Garbage Guzzler as the main source of waste, the machine will also digest other organic waste, such as cardboard, paper, green and horticultural waste. Planglow’s packaging is an ideal solution to accompany food waste being digested by the Garbage Guzzler.

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