How Can I Dispose of Planglow’s Compostable Packaging?

We only supply packaging that is made from compostable, plant based materials and never oil based plastics.

Read on to find out more about closed loop solutions for compostable packaging:

Why choose compostables?

Packaging which contains traces of food cannot be recycled, neither can packaging made from mixed materials (products such as card wedges with a plastic film would be challenging), whereas compostable packaging and food waste is a perfect combination.

We recognise that an ideal solution for the disposal of food to go packaging is an ongoing goal that we are all striving for, and we do not encourage or support littering or landfill disposal of compostable packaging. 

We also acknowledge that the industrial composting infrastructure for the recycling of compostable packaging and food waste is limited as many sites will not accept the mix due to the risk of contamination from non-compostable products; however we do recommend alternative cost effective waste disposal solutions for our customers.

What composting waste disposal services are available?   

Most of our products are home compostable, so should they end up at a customer’s home they can be composted along with the usual garden and vegetable peelings waste. This applies to the following Planglow products.

•All film lined packaging (wedges, bloomer packs, salad packs, wrap packs, snack cubes)

•All paper / board only products (deli papers, handled bags, chip cones, burger boxes, platter boxes, takeaway trays and napkins)

Industrial composting and our closed loop waste solution  

The vast majority of packaging waste has to be disposed of by the caterer on site at a workplace. We have teamed up with PRM Waste Systems to offer an easy, ecological and cost-effective method for disposing of food and packaging waste onsite. 

This food to field closed loop solution sidesteps alternative waste collection services that may or may not be offered in your area. 

How does this closed loop service work?

PRM have developed a range of bio processing units about the same size as a large wheelie bin / skip. These waste disposal units break food and compostable packaging down into a soil enricher which can then be used to grow more crops or produce a supplementary biomass fuel. 

When PRM tested our products they reported the decomposition as “unprecedented and beyond expectations” Even at 75% packaging waste to 25% food they found near-complete degradation after 17 hours and no packaging was readily distinguishable after 24 hours.  

You’ll find a flyer about the units here or simply read on for further information. 

What are the benefits of this closed loop system?

The waste units are so effective that they can reduce waste by up to 80% over a 24 hour period. They LOVE compostable packaging too as it improves the structure of the soil enricher by introducing more oxygen into the mix. What’s more, where most waste collection operators accept around 25% packaging waste maximum (with 75% food waste), PRM’s units can process up to 40% packaging at a time.

  • No waste collection services required – everything is done onsite offering a more cost-effective, closed-loop solution.
  • No need to separate waste – compostable packaging and food waste all goes in together.
  • Depending on the waste your business produces and your premises, the end product (digestate) could be used as a fertiliser or a biomass fuel. It may also be sent to a biorefinery (to be turned into energy) or used in compost production. Even if your catering operation can’t use digestate onsite (you might not have access to a garden or other outside space), both the volume of waste and the frequency of collections required will be much reduced, further driving down costs.

For further information regarding PRM Waste Systems:

Tel. Paul Clark on 01823 665541