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Preparing your business for a second lockdown

On Saturday evening, Boris Johnson announced a second lockdown. Scheduled to last four weeks, the lockdown will run from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December. The government have also announced that they will be extending their temporary freedom to pubs, restaurants and cafes to provide food takeaways by another year. To all of our customers worried about existing orders, or who have changing packaging needs, please get in touch and we will help in any way that we can.

In this blog, our team take a look at a selection of compostable takeaway packaging that can be used for hot and cold food deliveries. All of the packaging featured can be delivered and then home composted or recycled.

*What do the symbols mean?

Street Food Packaging

Street Food Cartons have been created to hold a variety of different foods. Noodles, spring rolls, bangers and mash – you name it. Whatever your flavour, these home compostable and recyclable containers are available in two different sizes.

Planglow Street Boxes can be used for both Hot and Cold takeaways. Sturdy and attractive, these containers are stackable, sealable and safe.

Deli Paper is perfect for wrapping burritos, chips and sandwiches. This product can be used as stand-alone packaging (sealed with a strategic sticker) or as decorating to brighten up a packaging range. 

Natural Packaging

The Natural Platters have been best sellers since March due to their diversity and adaptability. We have seen customers use these containers for a variety of different products that we could never have imagined! Some uses have included cheese boxes, grab ‘n’ go picnic platters and fresh produce trays.

The Salad packs have come in handy too, with a use that is not limited to green veg. From cookie containers to fruit boxes, Planglow Salad Packs are ideal for cold, fresh food.

Our Medium Bag is the perfect finishing touch to a sustainable food offering. No plastic in sight, this bag will carry and contain your food orders to ensure that they reach your customers in one piece. 

Whatever you need, get in touch

We are here to help in any way we can. Our expert customer service team are available to talk through phone or email between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Contact us on 0117 317 8600, by emailing or through our website.

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