Hot Off the Press
New Compostable Hot Dog Tray, Hot Sticker + Enhanced Hot Tray Design

Hot diggidy - hot dogs and other hot roll offerings are on the rise so we've added a new compostable hot dog tray to our multi-award winning Street Food packaging range. But it doesn't end at hot dogs, no siree, we've also enhanced the design of our larger Street Food Tray with a sturdier, more robust corrugated material. This fully home compostable fast food tray is designed for serving burgers and fries, paella, pies, fish, chips and a whole lot in between.

The most on-trend hotdog offerings introduce vegan 'dude-food' style concepts or ‘dogs with a world twist. - you can read more about the hot dog trend at our blog post 'Dog Days'

Our entire hot food packaging range is made from a sturdy kraft board material to help insulate against the heat. If however, the contents is a disco inferno, our new Hot Sticker will help keep your customers from feeling the burn. The Hot Sticker can be applied to cups, pots, takeaway containers - any hot food item in which you've turned up the heat. View here at our online shop.