Here to help with takeaway packaging
Whatever your packaging needs - we've got you covered.

Like the rest of the country, the Planglow team is working from home. Although the location of our offices has changed, we are still here to help in any way that we can.

You may be new to takeaway and delivery, or perhaps looking for safe, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic takeaway packaging. Either way, our expert team is here to advise you through this transition and support you at this challenging time.

Which takeaway packaging is right for you?

Whatever your packaging needs, we offer a wide variety of award-winning, eco-friendly packaging ideal for takeaway and home delivery. 

We’ve created a new section of the website with the packaging that we think will help you most right now. All our takeaway packaging is 100% compostable, fit-for-purpose and ensures that your delicious offering arrives with your customer in perfect shape.

You can view these by checking out Takeaway Packaging in the shop. Here are some of the key takeaway products that our customers have been loving at this time.

Burger boxes and takeaway containers

Burger packaging is a real takeaway staple. We love that our takeaway burger boxes are eco-friendly and plastic-free. Our small but mighty burger box is perfect for serving up your burger brimming with toppings, or choose our larger burger packaging to add a cheeky side order of fries or dressed salad. To offer reassurance to your customers and a safe delivery, both these fast food boxes seal with two easy-to-use, secure tabs. With presentation so important, the sturdy clamshell construction, not only looks great with its street smart design, but stops seeps and grease too. 

But takeaway containers are not just for gourmet burgers; fill with hot rolls, jacket potatoes, pies, noodles, salads, or even sweet treats and puddings. 

Takeaway tubs and pots to go

Takeaway tubs are also really useful for a vast range of grab and go delicacies from buddha bowls to superfood salads or tasty Thai noodles. All our takeaway pots and lids are eco-friendly and 100% compostable, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the ever popular natural, rustic look. We also offer the fruity coloured Botanical range or the striking chalk on slate design of the Gastro collection

Choose from two lid options for the pots to go. There are the standard lids, which can be recycled along with other plastics, or the compostable bio lids, made from corn starch, which remain warp, crack and melt-proof whatever the temperature. All our pots and lids are ready for hot or cold foods, so get ready with your wholesome soup or gelato to go. 

Bags for packed lunches

Packed lunches are a handy way to serve up your grab and go. Add your meal deal offering to a compostable bag filled with a sarnie, an indulgent snack or healthy option and a soft drink. To ensure safety, package up your food in individual sandwich bags, wedges or snack packs too and then add to the takeaway bag. These are perfect for al desco lunches and pickups to save your customers juggling all their foodie goodies. 

Takeaway boxes a go-go

Our platter boxes are proving super popular at the moment offering a versatile food container for takeaways and deliveries. Usually, these are used for corporate events and working lunches, but the boxes have switched up to be a takeaway all-rounder. The smart boxes can also be used to deliver platters of artisan cheeses, fruits or patisserie selections. Mmmm, we’re hungry now! Our customers love that these boxes will keep their sandwiches, cakes and takeout treats fresh for 24 hours.

Switch from reusable cups to plastic-free cups 

Disposable cups are really coming into their own at this time offering a hygienic alternative to reusable cups. Of course, choose compostable cups made from plant-based materials rather than plastic cups that end up in landfill. Customers may enjoy a branded message on their takeaway coffee right now. If this sounds of interest, we offer small print runs on branded eco cups, which provides a cost-effective way to spread your brand messages.

Have any questions? 

Do get in touch! Our team can advise on what products will work best for you. We are available to talk through ideas via phone or email between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. You can contact us on 0117 317 8600, by emailing We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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