No Compostable Collection Services Available in Your Area?
We've a New Cost-Effective Solution that Works Onsite

We've teamed up with the brilliant PRM Waste Systems, to offer food and drink providers an easy, ecological and cost-effective means for the disposal of food and packaging waste onsite. This closed loop solution sidesteps landfill as well as the waste collection services that may or may not be offered in any given area, offering caterers complete autonomy over their businesses waste.  

How Does It Work?;

PRM have developed a range of bio processing units about the same size as a large wheelie bin or skip. The units break food and compostable packaging down into a digestate (soil enricher), which may then be used to grow more crops or to produce a supplementary biomass fuel. Optionally, if the producer has no use for the digestate, their food and packaging waste will be reduced in volume (by around 80%) and can be sent to an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant.   

What Are the Benefits?

The units are so effective that they can reduce waste by up to 80% over a 24 hour period. They LOVE compostable packaging too as it improves the structure of the soil enricher by introducing more oxygen into the mix. What’s more, where most waste collection operators accept a volume of 25% packaging waste maximum (to 75% food waste), PRM’s units can process up to 40% packaging waste in one go.

See our blog for further info or download our flyer