Astill & Sons

When family-run bakery Astill & Sons, required new branding for their business, Glo Creative was only too happy to help.

Astill & Sons required professional branding to help capture new contracts and improve their presence in the wholesale bakery market. The design also needed to be contemporary yet still display their traditional family bakery heritage.

Glo Creative developed a brightly coloured retro label design to help products stand out on the shelves. The concept was based around the simplistic 1940's war time style: the typography is distinctly vintage and combined with a bright, eye-catching red to complete the retro finish.

Well received by customers, the new look supported the expansion of the business .The logo was also applied to window stickers for retailers to help further promote the Astill & Sons brand. 

We were absolutely amazed by the Glo designs and thought they were fantastic! We have introduced new product lines in conjunction with the rebrand for maximum impact and as a result our sales have increased by 20%.

Oliver Astill , Owner, Astill & Sons