Green Bean

Green Bean required a brand identity that would convey their mission statement "Coffee with a conscience" with an emphasis on fair-trade and ethical products. It was important to founder, Charl Chapman, that the branding demonstrated his unique selling point whilst remaining authentic and aesthetically pleasing.

Glo Creative developed a colour scheme and typography to to emphasise Charl’s ethical stance, while ensuring the coffee shop remained approachable to its target audience. Glo also developed a new stand-alone element for the logo, one that would be easily recognisable and support the friendly, approachable ethos.

The collaboration between myself and the team was great at arriving at a design that I was really happy with, that had that "Yes!" feeling about it. The design team were very patient with me, providing professional feedback on some of my ideas that was invaluable and probably kept me from making an expensive mistake!

Charl Chapman, Owner, Green Bean Coffee Co.