Bakehouse Deli

"We decided to rebrand so I approached Planglow. I explained that I wanted a local sounding name that said something about the area and its history, plus a more modern look in 'national trust colours' instead of the dark red and blue that we'd previously had.

Glo Creative came back with three options of names and three options of design too and I ended up going for a combination of two in both cases merging the bits I like best to create The Bakehouse Deli. And because I wanted branded packaging as well - something that didn't look like everyone else while still demonstrating a more personal touch - we went for a deli paper, sticker and a bag too which also advertises the business when it's taken off site".

Alex Brittain, Owner, The Bakehouse Deli.

Read more about the rebrand at our blog. 

Eight months in since we rebranded and sales are up 25%. People are very impressed by the new look and say how much they like it. It’s changed our customer base too - it’s become more professional - which has allowed me to put my prices up by 10%. At the end of the day I wanted to show our customers how much thought goes into everything and this is precisely what it’s done.

Alex Brittain, Owner, The Bakehouse Deli